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ASPHALT TYPES:There is not only one asphalt type. Its agglomerates are formed by gravel which make the road surface more or less smooth.

THE TRAFFIC RUINS THE ROAD SURFACE:Naturally we are referring to cars and vans traffic, because bikes have irrelevant effects. A worn asphalt becomes smooth and it is easy, then, that happens the lost of grip in the bends and when the surface is slimy for the rain.

THE PUDDLES: Puddles are formed both by natural ground settlements (caused by inadequate preparation's work of the surface, so-called "macadam") and by rough maintenance works (caused by a non-restoration of original waste water slope). After heavy rains on the road surface, the cyclist can be "washed" or worse fall seriously down.

THE DANGERS OF GRAVEL:The presence of pebbles or gravel on the asphalt, causing the non-grip between bike's wheel and asphalt, increases falls danger. It is better to keep a moderate speed and avoid sudden swerves..

HELMET AND MOBILE: As usual, your mobile rings in the wrong moment: climb, downhill, or in a civic centre. Pratically in every situation in which danger is evident. Using earphone is a good rule, for politeness, for code respect and for avoiding to put somebody in danger.
This way we can protect ourselves and our friends who come training with us. To take your mobile can be useful (sudden illness, mecanic accident, etc.); the advice is to keep it off, but if you can't stay without it during 2 or 3 hors training, use an earphone kit. Other tip for bikers is the helmet use.
Have you seen the accident in Italy Tour?
The motorbike made the cyclist fall down and if he hadn't had the helmet, probabily he wouldn't have saved his life. Helmet can be annoying, but it is an ally for life.
To use it doesn't cause us any damages, but can save our life.

HOW TO DRESS UP:This is a very important subject, because winter is often cold and rainy.
Do not forget the cape. But if you decide to go biking and it is already raining, the cape is not enough and more suitable equipments are necessary. Beyond a complete waterproof, clothing must guarantee perspiration. Several materials in commerce, with high costs, to anybody choice.
Consider your training length (one hour under rain is different from 3 or 4 hours) and how many trainings you will have in these conditions. And do not forget some glasses to avoid water goes into your eyes. There are some models with wrapping and transparent lenses, suitable in case of rain.
Always the helmet: is easy to fall down if weather is rainy.

For mountain bike fans itineraries on hills are very fascinating. From easy trips among beeches and pinewoods to steep climbing for most adventurous. Several organized groups in all territory give specific information about excursions, paths and bikes rent.
Following professionals, bikes lovers too can find in these roads ideal setting for long hikings,accompanied by sea colours and wonderful nature scents.

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